Sometimes you may want to share your visuals with a specific someone or to a different social media platform. You can use a public shareable link for that purpose.

From Editor

 1 Click Share button in the top bar. This will open the Share window.

 2 Turn on the Make this graphic public switch. By default, your visuals are private and only visible to you. To share them, you have to first make them public.

 3 When the visual is public, the public link for the visual will become active. Click on the Copy button and the link will be copied to the clipboard.

 4 You can now paste the link in an email, social media post or wherever you want to send the link.

From Dashboard

 1 Go to My Graphics and find the visual you want to share.

 2 Hoover the mouse cursor over the thumbnail and click on the  button to open the menu.

 3 Select Share from the menu. This will open the same Share window mentioned above.

 4 Follow the same steps mentioned above to get the public shareable link for the visual.