Graficto's editor has a very simple interface.

On the center you have the preview of your visual. On the left there is a side tool bar and a panel where you will be doing all the customizations. On the top bar there are options to save, share or export your visual.

Edit Items

Items are the key concept in Graficto visuals. Every infographic, visual or chart you create is made up of items. An item has different fields depending on the template. For example, in a list type template an item represents a single item in the list and it may have a title and a description. Or in a column chart, an item represents a single column and may have a label and a numeric value.

You can easily add, edit or remove items from the side panel. 

1 Select Side Toolbar   Items to open the Items Panel.

2 Enter the text, values or icons as you require in the item fields. While you edit, the preview of your visual will automatically change accordingly.

3 If you need more items, simply click the Add Item button.

4 To delete an item, click on the button of the item.

5 To change the order of items, hoover the cursor over the  handle of the item. When the cursor changes to a hand, drag the item up or down to the desired position.

Edit Headings

Some templates like the example below have certain elements that does not change with the number of items. These are known as Headings

To edit Heading information select Side Toolbar   Heading to open the Heading Panel. Similar to items, you can enter the information in the available fields.

Follow the rest of the help articles to know how to customize your visual with colors and .